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nice scaredy cat socal running commentary throughout the document, which is informative and interesting and most likely completely ignored.
I actually own some of the knives they showed surprised they dont have the paracord Monkey fist somewhere in the mix on that one-they are considered dangerous in some states....even here where they are legal (as far as I know they are) people are afraid to carry them.

That little pdf did give me some ideas on hiding places ;)....Thank you Dwind :)

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I have one almost as good, talks about how if you find coffee filters and bleach in the Kitchen- it might be a bomb lab.
Well post it up.

God, that load of crap makes me ill. I wonder if the officers understand they're being brainwashed during that presentation(propaganda). Having them watch that should be considered a violation of their human rights.

These weapons can easily slice open the throat of a lone traffic officer or interviewing detective.
But the criminal mind is always thinking of new and improved ways to bring you down. When they dig through a toolbox, they're not looking for a tool to mend, they're looking for another piece to a deadly weapon.
But these are no ordinary shoes. They are criminal's shoes and can be used to beat an unsuspecting officer to death. They'd just as soon kill you as sit idly in a closet.
Ok, I made up the last one.
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