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Landscapers Container (More Complex Than Imagined) Garden 2011.. Still Kicking!

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This is my container gardens all from seeds except banana peppers and artichokes which are very sad, and well I don't have the heart to sentence them to death. The banana peppers are effin delicious by the handfuls.

I have a tip for anyone who tries this container situation: Fertilizer and watering cycles are essential.You will stunt the early growth if you underfertilize as the water/minerals wash away. I also add more soil several times as needed to keep the 15gallon containers I use rich enough in nutrients. If you are not willing to monitor, and love this garden, don't bother lol, it will not accidentally love you like an in ground garden..

P.S. Tomoatoes especially and the rest of your garden loves organic fish emulsion very frequently, every 4 days or so.. maybe less, maybe more, depending on how scard I mam..

The last pic is of some frye bread we make here a lot. I made a garlic fresco sauce with the ichiban eggplant to go on top. It was amazing..

I also forgot to add the empty/ier buckets are my throw'em and wait to see what sprouts buckets. I also found a couple of rouge watermelons I believe in the strawberries.


Here's a backward of photos up until last month 2011/?albumview=slideshow

Here's today 08-14-2011

Garden in the hot as hell Phoenix summer. Garden August 14 2011/?albumview=slideshow