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As kid I was in the Boy Scouts of America and soon realized the advantage of being prepared .
They taught a broad based, practical preparedness to augment my everyday life.

I will never forget my first pocket knife.10 years old , a two blade Swiss army knife, given to me by my Dad.
At a pre teen age I was taught self reliance as a way of life. Having that pocket knife made me more
confident, more assured.
More Able.

I am 58 now and have evolved far beyond the pocket knife of my childhood.
The lessons of preparedness as a helpful tool in my life started as a boy and have continued to
enhance my and now my family's lives to this day.

Being prepared is being reliable. A great feeling for me.
A low key , non consuming , common sense prepared lifestyle.
Someone said to me once, begrudgingly "Everything comes easy to you".
I had no response this person would understand ,so I stayed quiet.

I believe Chance favors the prepared .
Best thing is to be kind to the less fortunate and hope they will come around.
What was the kids game hide and seek ( READY OR NOT, HERE I COME ) !!
It still applies. Everywhere, everyday.
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