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I grew up in a fairly outdoors type family hunting fishing camping small family farm etc. on the west coast. I was used to earthquakes and fires but as a kid I was not educated to the long term ramifications on what can happen. Only some basic kits and unrealized elder family knowledge.

It was Sept 89 and hurricane Hugo in my mid 20s that was my reality check. I knew it was coming, I saw the news/weather, but had never been near one or had much exposure to the aftereffects. I was in Givhans way inland so not too worried. I boarded up as best I could, and I didn’t want to be in the trailer. So I grabbed a water jug, some chips, and my blanket and pillow to ride it out in my truck. Don’t do this……

It came in the dark of the night, wind howling debris flying and even with headlights and wipers I could see nothing. At one point the wind was so loud and the truck shook like a train was on top of me. I didn’t sleep that night.

As the light broke I could see the damage, my truck wasn’t where I parked it tornadoes had been close and pushed me in the mud, my neighbor’s house was cut in half, my other neighbors trailer was exploded with nothing but pink insulation and a frame. Mine survived with only a broken window.

My driveway was under 4feet of water not going anywhere, no power no water. It took 4 days of road clearing and chainsaws to get back. It took almost a month before the power was restored in this back dirt road area.

I took rain showers, rinsed off with bottled water, depended on local help and helped as I could moving downed trees. Getting through this would entail a story of more than 500 words so another day.

That was my start to self-realization of what SHTF can be. I was lucky but it caused me to start my journey into self dependence and have passed on what I could to my family over the years. Not smooching for points but this site has let me take huge strides on this path and I enjoy passing on relevant information I have learned. As well and some darker humor

Its never too late to start and learn, it clicked on the light “be prepared” a scouting moto. This is not something that can be acquired overnight it is pilgrimage worth traveling.
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