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The idea of being a prepper started when I was in the Boy Scouts. As an Eagle Scout I embraced the Boy Scout motto of "be preppared" to the extreme. I have been on many camping trips that nearly went horrible due to poor planning. Imagine 12 scouts going camping and I being the only one to bring a fire starter. Events like that opened my eyes to how badly others are preppared for even simple everyday things.

As of right now I am mostly prepping for my family of 3 and our two Border Collies. Prepping for a growing toddler is hard but prepping when she is also autistic makes it even more difficult. Trying to provide the same comforts that are need now to get through a day during the collapse is a challenge. Plus waste is way higher (just yesterday she shredded a whole roll of aluminum foil for fun).

I am also working on building up supplies for our neighbors. Such as simple bulk foods and informational resources. Also trying to be on good terms with all of them by being friendly and doing small favors for each other. Being surrounded by friends is worth the extra effort and money.


The prizes look awesome. Thanks for the contest.
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