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I gotta give my dad credit for teaching me to be prepared for day to day situations. He not only explained the importance of having the right tools and equipment around but he set a daily example. He could always tackle a tough situation with little to no help. He planted the seed.

Then, when I married my first wife (late 1970s into the early 1980s), we ended up living with her very strict, Mormon parents up in Logan, UT. I was around 20 at the time. They were preppers to the max! They had the proverbial root cellar; livestock; chickens; stacks and stacks of firewood; crops; and they canned tons of food. Their house (that they built themselves) was surrounded by several acres of land in each direction. Although I didn't really understand the need to prep at the time, their tenacity made sense later on in my life and I was glad for the experience of actually participating in THEIR preps even if I didn't know what I was doing. They were good people.

Then Y2K came along and all the fearmongering and claims that the world was about to end literally got me into buying lots of canned goods, water, and silver. I was around 40 at the time. I started to see why prepping might be a good thing to do. I think some of this change in thinking came with age, experience, and maturity. When Y2K came and went and nothing happened ... I sort of slacked off and focused on other things. That is until the economic crash of 2008 (I was around 48). That's when I really started opening my eyes and taking things more seriously. It's when I found this forum and became a member.

There were also times in my life when I was nearly destitute and wondering what I was going to do next. There were times I had to improvise and just make the best of whatever situation I found myself in. I'm not a genius but I'm not stupid either. Sometimes basic common sense mixed with a little logic and whatever charm I could muster did the trick. Having a certain amount of faith doesn't hurt either.

I can never forget the major ice storm that occurred in Wheat Ridge, CO that knocked our power out for nearly three days. While everyone else was panicking, I had my propane heater; lanterns; extra food and water; and other survival tools and equipment to keep myself, my wife, and her son living in relative comfort. I was probably around 50 or so at the time.

So here we are. We all see what's on the horizon. I, for one, am grateful for what I've learned and what I've been able to accomplish in terms of prepping. I've learned how to freeze dry my own food (let alone have plenty of food on hand). I think this is the most valuable "talent" I've learned of late. But I also have every kind of bug-out equipment and survival tools a man can have. Most of my inspiration has come from this site but I'm also inspired (in a reverse sort of way) by all the people who haven't prepared at all. I feel sorry for them in a way. But their lack of preparedness inspires me to continue preparing. At 62 years old ... taking care of myself has never been more important.
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