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Hello, first of all thanks for the contest, the knives seems all awesome ! As I say in the text I am French, so I don't necessarily have all the "jargon" specific to English survivalism. I hope that this will not be too much of a problem, anyway here is my text:

I live in France, and here we have problems that other countries do not necessarily have. In particular terrorists attacks, which periodically strike the country, and which are always followed by moments of great tension.

Tension on the place of the act on one hand, as for example after the attack of Nice, or a train derailment, we saw groups of "French of paper" (I will remain correct) looting the bodies of the victims.

Community tensions on the other hand, since all these events tend to separate the population into two groups, which end up hating each other deeply and both considering themselves as victims. This is all part of the crowd mechanism, and there is nothing I can do about it.

However, the consequences of this are foreseeable, as they could eventually lead to a civil war in my opinion. Even our current president has recognized this.

I started preparing myself, after the attacks in Nice. First of all, it was only a physical and psychological preparation. Running, endurance, fighting. Crowd management, group management, risk management. Rediscovering the values of before as well. I made my own the old values of the early days of the Roman Republic, where even the best generals were only humble farmers in times of peace.

Fides - Pietas - Majestas - Virtus - Gravitas - Constantia - Frugalitas.

Faithfulness - devotion - dignity - courage - respect for tradition - stability - frugality.

All this made me a better “myself”, more accomplished and thoughtful. It wasn't really a preparation for a "collapse", but it’s still a first step.

Then, slowly but surely, I started to get interested in more global perspectives. It was probably my knowledge of economics that made me realize that the economic system was flawed, that it would probably collapse in my lifetime. Today, when the price of electricity has increased by 1000% (and still growing !), I know that I was right in my calculation, and that I have a considerable advantage over other French people to survive what is coming.

It's not too late for the others, but they have to realize that serious economic troubles are coming, that our people have a certain tendency to get rid of their ruler in such moments, and that this generates a lot of instability. And that it is in such moments that it is important to depend as much as possible on yourself or your team.

Today I managed to convince my brother of the need to prepare himself. So we are preparing together, and a little against the will of our parents. We will save them in spite of them, as I like to say.
Also, I know that my long-time girlfriend's father and brother are in the same mindset, so I'm not worried about her, and I think we will form a first group with their family.
We have a lot of documentation, knowledge and materials. They will learn when they see the need and become as prepared as we are.

We will save them against their will.
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