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Self Sufficiency and abandoning modern culture.

I'm currently 22 at this date of age and live in greece, left poland couple of months ago and I'm half greek half pole.

The reason i started prepping is simple the reason people hunger and fail in their lives just because they don't prepare for the roadblocks ahead, sadly, here in europe people have the tendency to rely on the government and companies to live (one example would be germany where a friend of mine had to leave because the TAX on his business is so high that he is not making any profit, the reason for so high tax ? people only 20% of that tax goes to government affairs all else goes to feed the people that stay in their homes and rely on government funding because of their kids or whatever). Knowing my generation is doomed and the newer generation is will also be doomed just because almost everyone has forgotten the reality of living and live in the comfort that modern lives provide us. The system our cities and societies are build on are not solid they are not something i can wake up to tomorrow and say everything is the same, the rulers are humans too and they also have feeling make mistakes and have their own ways of stupid, but that doesn't mean me and others will have to suffer while they are playing with fire and we want a fruitful life or what we call the American/any other country dream.

Knowing all that and knowing I can actually do something to protect myself, my neighbor, my friend, and my future wife/kids makes me feel good it gives me some amount of security that no government can give me even if this means stocking up on food/making it, learning to use guns/other weapons, survival techniques like animal breeding and knowing how to live of the land what we call primitive human survival knowing what wild plant is going to kill me or not gives me a security that others in my generation wont have as they just complain about the problems that they cannot control but can control the outcome or at least make it easier for them and anyone else they care about.

Knowing all this and getting prepared in our current state of the world bring me back to times in history in my own bloodline where people where in trenches and endured only the souls know what and hard times arose allot of people died but times have changed you can take action and give it forward to the next generation your kids and so on preparing you, your offspring and anyone else give you the feeling that even if the world ends TEOTWAKI or anything else you will still be better of some people and will be able to help your self, and other that you don't care about to create strong bonds and create communities more powerful that any government can promise and fix anything that we could not control the reason of the happening.

This, is why i got into prepping.
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