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1. What got me into prepping?

Back in 1996 I was an active duty US Army first lieutenant stationed at Fort Hood Texas and living in tiny town called Lampasas. My unit was tasked to complete a 30-day assignment in the Mojave Desert (Fort Irwin, CA).

My wife (a West German National) was very concerned for her safety because many homes had recently been broken into. To add insult to injury, when we married, she was very clear that she DID NOT want firearms on the house. We were essentially unarmed and I was leaving town.

As I was leaving, she once again conveyed her fears. I replied "too bad we don't own any guns." I pointed at our elderly, German shepherd mix dog and replied "Well... I gotta go. I hope Mino will take care of you." Mino looked up, yawned and went back to sleep.

Fast forward 30 years: She has her own collection of guns. (And I do too!). :)

2. Who are you prepping for?

Easy: My wife, me, and my community.

We have no kids and very little family. I am only truly only responsible for myself and my wife. Over the course of the past two years, I have become heavily involved in local politics. It's actually been an exciting experience and the local community has become part of my "inner circle".

Even though I serve in a low-level appointed position, the amount of positive change that I can bring is huge. Things that I think are easy, are very difficult for others. And vice versa. I have a skill set that my community needs; and we need them.

Prepping isn't a one man show. There's strength in numbers.
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