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Greetings fellow survivalists,

And yet again I have the distinct privilege of announcing a new contest here at SurvivalistBoards

The Setup:

Once again, the moderator team has been contacted by a long term members who wanted to share some good fortune with the membership by sponsoring a giveaway.

As before, this contest is not sponsored, endorsed or otherwise affiliated with Vertical Scope, Second Media, or any of the various owners, advertisers, and what have you.

The Contest:

For this contest, we are asking for a short essay of less than 500 words that answer these two questions.
1. What started you down the road to preparedness (why are you preparing)?
2. Who are you preparing for?

OPSEC of course is encouraged, but tell the story in a manner that the reader has a reason to start preparing themselves.

Punctuation and grammar are appreciated but have no bearing in the contest.

The Rules:
  • 1. UNLIKE previous contests, this one is being offered to all members in good standing regardless of location. The caveat to this is if your location has a restriction on shipping knives, we will have to substitute a prize of our choosing.
  • 2. The chosen winner will need to provide a Name and a Shipping Address to the Mod team (via PM). We will not share this with anyone outside of our team.
  • 3. One entry per individual per contest.
    4. The contest thread is for actual entries only, general comments will be removed.
  • 5. All regular forum rules apply.
  • 6. Failure to follow the rules will result in forfeiture of entry into the contest.
The Prize:

Winner gets to choose one of the following:

1) Cold Steel SRK
2) Ontario Knife Co. Spec Plus Alpha
3) Kabar USMC
4) Gerber Strongarm

Watch Rectangle Tool Everyday carry Knife

The Deadline:

This contest will run through Labor Day, September 5th 2022 and will conclude at 3pm PDT (-7 off Zulu)
All entries must be posted prior to 3pm PDT
Drawing and announcement of the winner will follow.

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Ok folks, I have to ask you to bear with me... for those that are familiar with the expression "herding cats", that is what it is like trying to pin down the 10 judges we set up for this contest.

And of course to further confuse the situation, nobody... and I do mean nobody can derail a conversation better than a group of moderators.


Based on current rate of movement... we should be announcing the winner this next weekend...

Hang tight, we will get it done.

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A big thanks to everyone that contributed, hopefully sharing our stories will encourage others to start preparing for themselves and their families.

It took a bit longer than expected but we finally got it narrowed down to a winner.

Congratulations to @Ghost863 who survived 4 rounds of bracket style competition to emerge victorious.

I would also like to thank our sponsor for donating the prize and our judges for their diligence and patience.

@Ghost863 look for a PM
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