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Kukri vs. Bolo Machete Types

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Kukri vs. Bolo?

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Alright, so here's the deal. I'm trying to acquire some heavy-duty leaf springs and I'm planning on making a machete. It'll either be leaf springs or some scrap 1055 I can get my paws on, because I really want some room to work with.

Anyways, I am in love with the heavy-duty nature of the kukri and bolo styles, but am quite torn between them. I've heard amazing things about both. Are any of you survivalists out there preferential to one or the other? I'm under the assumption that they function very similarly, but I'm quite sure there are subtle differences, at least.

Anyone experienced in such matters should by all means throw a few cents in! Anything scientific or preferential based on experience? Let's hear it. Also, anyone with experience making their own knives can throw down, too. I've read a lot on it but can always use some pointers (especially for the heating and forging process, which I'm rather worried about). Thanks much all,

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Well the only models in those shapes that i personally own are by cold steel. I own the kukri and the bolo machete. I personally prefer the kukri. I do like the bolo as it has greater reach and will cut small saplings and brush a little better. The kukri lends it self to slightly thicker woods but does not have the reach. The main reason I like the kukri over the bolo is because of he handle shape. Now if cold steel were to place the kukri's handle on the bolo machete, watch out now that would be a great utilty cutter.
Hmm, thanks for that, mate. I appreciate it! If you know anything about self-manufacturing, let me know ;P
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