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I make a pretty decent French Toast and decided to try and make butter and use the buttermilk for the frenchtoast.
Butter in kitchen aide mixer

This guy has a quick video recipe with the Kitchen Aide mixer.

Pour the heavy cream in the mixer, turn it on 6-8 whip with wisk blade until cream cracks or breaks, pour off butermilk (save for french toast, rinse butter with ice water if you want salted butter add 1/2 teaspoon or to taste at this time. I used land o lakes heavy whipping cream one pint. yeilded about 1 3/4 stick of butter , time 7-9 min.

French Toast

Texas Toast - 1 loaf
Brown Sugar - Couple Tablespoons
Buttermilk - standard bowl left from making the butter
cinnamon - teaspoon or so
vanilla - Teaspoon
eggs - 6

mix above ingredients, dip bread in mixture, cook on buttered skillet flip when brown, serve with fresh butter and maple syrup. I opted on unsalted butter.

Making butter this way is now cheaper than buying it.:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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