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I noticed from your video that you had a lot of grasses and other plants growing up around your potatoes. Do you weed the garden much? If not, does all the other weeds seem to have any negative effect on your plants?
The garden is at my step sons house, so I do not have full time access to the garden to weed it.

Also, its supposed to be a community garden, and nobody wants to pitch in and weed for everyone.

The weeds eat up some of the nutrients in the soil, so your plants might grow less with a lot of weeds.


I might have killed my tomato plants. A couple of days ago I grabbed the wrong bottle of spray - I grabbed the spray and wash from the above the washing machine, instead of the spray bottle of pesticide.

The tomato plants were sprayed down - and 2 days later the leaves are all wilted and turning black.

I'll try to get a video made and pictures posted today or tomorrow.

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Might suggest you post some pictures along with the videos because on a dial up I can't watch videos but I can see pictures


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Green beans ......

Sauteed green beans over pasta is the best

Easy to make, tasty

recipe can be modified for whole range of vegetables

Tomato, zucchini

Swiss chard, spinach

Even common weeds - dandelions, chickory. Last are popular dish in Puglia
(southern heel of Italian boot) - sauteed dandelion greens over pasta
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