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Nice to meet you too Mike, How do you figure this is a tin foil hat thread. I ask a question about a gun, I WANTED ONE... Did ya read that.... No you just assumed The obvious
Ahh, the infamous reversal. A tactic designed to put the other person on the defensive. Always such an interesting conversational tactic.

I mentioned "tin foil" because you went straight for "Big brother saying something because it held too many rounds" rather than simply trying to find out what problem the factory is fixing.

It's the same reply I had in the thread about the Walmart that had taped foam over their open coolers and locked their uprights. Which was obviously a method of trying to keep their inventory cool until a problem could be repaired. But she instead went straight for the "tin foil" too, with rationing and food shortages while overlooking the more logical.

Sorry to single you out. It's just that this is becoming a bit of a pet peeve with me since it's happening more and more here.

Kel-tec has a good reputation about getting things fixed quickly. They also have a history of releasing guns too soon and having to recall them for some minor repair. Hang in there and it'll hit the market again soon. This isn't the first time they've done this.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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