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Okay, I have just got this knife so I will be adding to this review as time goes on. This is the first review I have ever done of anything, so please be nice :).

Name of the item being tested prominently displayed at top of page.

KASU Folding Knife

Biographical information about yourself

I am an outdoor and survival enthusiast who was looking for a new knife.

Product information

Folding Knife



Year of manufacture

I believe it is 2008

URL of top level manufacturer's web site


URL of the item at the site


Listed weight


Weight as delivered


Product description

This blade is approx 2" long made of stainless steel with a folding and locking function, the handle is plastc and black and very lightweight. A simple silver belt clip is attached on the back for easy holding and removal of a bag/belt line.

Field information

Location or locations where the test was conducted

Outdoor Gear Testing Conditions:

Description of location (geography, terrain, elevation, etc.)

conditions (temperature, precipitation, etc.)

Short, comprehensive description of your trip or trips while testing the item, including how the item performed on the trip, or in the case of multiple trips, on each trip.

What is it like right out of the box?

Out of the box, it appears very sleek and the blade itself very rubust, the handle appears quite weak and hollow.

Is it easy for you to figure out and use?

Very easy to use, simple locking that can be operated with one hand. However, the mechanism to unlock the blade was hard to find, but is under the bade itself.

What are your expectations?

A lightweight sharp and robust blade.

How did it perform for you after using it for a while?

How did it last over a long period of use?

Summarize your final opinion of the item.

What did you like?

What did you like/not like?

Contacts made with the manufacturer: positive or negative? who did you speak to? What was said?

Tell us when you contacted them, who you spoke with, and what was said by both parties. Did they back their product?

Improvement suggestions

Did failures or problems occur after long-term use?

Did you continue using the tech or did you switch to something else and why?

Did other people you know adopt the tech based on your recommendation and how did it work for them?


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