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Ka Bar Plain 14" Machete, Mod. 1279

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Just bought this Ka Bar, Model 1279, 14" Machete. Have'nt had it out in the Woods with me yet. Anyone else here own one, and have any comments, good or bad? I don't contribute much the the Knives Section, infact this is likely my first new Thread in this Forum. Just lookin' for some conversation about my newest Purchase.:)
Looks like it will handle the light Duties I bought it for.

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I took it out and whacked through a couple(2) 3/4" Beech Saplings with it. Single downward Stroke while holding the Tree at a slight bend. Went through them like Cheese. I'll be taking it Camping when the weather permits.
It's kinda' bulky to wear on my Belt, so I will likely affix it to the outside of my Pack.
I got burned on the Price. Baught it at my local Archery Shop, $71.00.
Got home and found it online for as little as $47.:(
Oh well. It was one of those impulse buys. I was buying a bunch of BP and then glanced over and noticed it in the Ka-Bar Display whispering my name.
I like it I guess. I will likely stick to ordering online in the future.:thumb:
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