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Just made a nice fresh herb tea and thought I'd share!

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I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to grow a bunch of herbs and then not use them. Right now I have a ton of basil in the garden and it is no longer at its prime. I should have picked it and at least dried it. As I was looking at that, I saw my beautiful lemon grass which I haven't used at all. Someone on this forum suggested making lemon grass tea. I tool a stalk of lemon grass, a handful of lemon balm and a handful of peppermint, rough chopped it and made one of the nicest herbal teas I've ever had. Whoever that was, thank you.

If you don't use it fresh, dry it, freeze it or give it away, but don't waste it! Bad Doc!
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Doc - sounds good!
Has anyone tried the Mio liquids? Pretty good stuff, they need more flavors. I recently made some iced herbal tea (red zinger) and added a few squirts of the pommegranate. It was so good, the next time I had a margarita, I added a bit of the mango flavor, that turned out really good!
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