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Just bought an Anderson lower, what should I build?

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I just bought an Anderson lower from Palmetto State Armory. It was on sale for $49, so I thought why not.

What should I build?

Maybe a 20 inch upper with rifle length gas system?

Maybe a 16 inch barrel with carbine or mid-length gas system?

Maybe a 300 AAC blackout?
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I've got an Anderson lower in my sock drawer and it is slated to become a .300 BLK pistol. 10.5 inch upper is what I'm going with.
I'm gonna get a few of those (Anderson lowers) and just put 'em up.
I would like to do the same but until I build one I don't feel comfortable buying in bulk, especially for a new on the market lower. I bought a couple AR57 brand lowers, really liked the way they looked, but when I built the lower I ran into a couple issues, the main one being that the safety lever would not rotate completely up. It was just a few degrees off and didn't effect the function of the lower, is was purely cosmetic, but it bugged me enough that I sold the lowers.

Anybody built an Anderson lower yet?
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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