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Just bought an Anderson lower, what should I build?

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I just bought an Anderson lower from Palmetto State Armory. It was on sale for $49, so I thought why not.

What should I build?

Maybe a 20 inch upper with rifle length gas system?

Maybe a 16 inch barrel with carbine or mid-length gas system?

Maybe a 300 AAC blackout?
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What do you already have?
For the sake of discussion lets say I have 3 M4s with 16 inch barrels.
This morning after attending the funeral of a good friend and fellow Nam vet who just lost his battle with agent orange and feeling a little depressed I figured if it works for women then it might work for men. So on the way home I stopped at my local gunshop who had just moved about a mile from his old location.
Sorry to hear about your friend.

I heard those dpms lower kits are good stuff.
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Anyone get their Anderson lower yet?

Copes Distributing has Anderson blems for $41.99
Mine shipped from Palmetto State Armory today.

Delivery date is supposed to be the 28th.

At $42 there is no reason not to buy 2 or 3 more.
Kev, I have a PSA lower left over from Christmas 2012. I plan on getting a 20" rifle upper from BCM and starting an A4 build. Gonna try to stay as close to the M16A4 spec as possible. I have a 16" middy, and my wife has a 16" carbine. Figure I should round it out with a 20" rifle length A4.
I am torn between a 20 inch A4 and another 16 inch carbine.

The Anderson lower is supposed to arrive at the local gun store Wednesday the 29th.

The plan is to assemble the lower, sit on it, and see what upper prices do.

Now that colt released its complete A4 rifle maybe A4 uppers will come down in price. With the way lower prices are going I might order a few more over the next few months.
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