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Its time our the monthly newsletter and contest details.

The contest for this month for some VipertailTM Ballistic Sunglasses. See this link for the details -

*Terms and conditions of the contest can change at anytime.

~~~~~ Important news ~~~~~

we upgraded the server at the end of May. Hopefully this is will resolve some of the connection issues people have been having.

~~~~~ PerfectUnion ~~~~~

Be sure to visit our sister site -

PerfectUnion is a firearms and shooting sports related site.

~~~~~ Traffic Update ~~~~~

For the month of May 2011 we had:

New members – 1,709
New threads – 5,371
Total Post – 122,655

~~~~~ Youtube Videos ~~~~~

Climate change and long term survival plans -

Smoking 3 briskets and 10 pounds of chicken -

Homemade 5 gallon superpails - my first attempt -

~~~~~ Interesting Threads ~~~~~

Outed my Preps to the neighbor -

Now that Osama is dead, do you feel safer? -

Long term survival in the face of climate change -

First try at a compost bin -

~~~~~ Social Networking ~~~~~

Our Facebook page -
Our Youtube page -

~~~~~ Unsubscribe Information ~~~~~

To unsubscribe from the mailing list, log into your account, follow this link,

scroll down until you see “Receive Email from Administrators “ - uncheck that box and click the “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.
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