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Grumpy Old Curmudgeon
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I started to post this in the FIREARMS section, just to keep the discussion between pro 2nd folks, but decided it needed to be here.

This is the "What If" that is haunting my thoughts and turning my dreams into nightmares.

Nov 5th, 2008.....
Results are in.
President elect Barak Obama is looking forward to "Great Changes".

January 15th, 2009.....
Obama is sworn in as the first "African American" president.

January 19th, 2009.....
Obama signs into law the most comprehensive Firearms "Safety" Legislation in the History of our Nation.

July 1st, 2009.....
The NEW Assault weapons ban goes into effect.

The following are outright BANED from being POSESSED by Americans....

(insert Long list of our favorite weapons)

Included words....

Military "style" rifles that accept removable ammunition feeding device, have a "pistol grip", or have a non-removable ammunition feeding device that can hold more than 5 rounds.
Also, ALL cartridge weapons over .45 caliber, Specifically the .50BMG, and possession of their ammunition and/or components.

Handguns that have tha capability of accepting a removable ammunition feeding device of more than 6 rounds, Ammunition feeding devices of more than 6 rounds, and ANY "handgun" which is capable of firing a projectile which could defeat a Level III vest.
Revolvers capable of holding more than 6 rounds.

Variants of the listed firearms, and "clones" of their configurations.

All weapons listed must be turned over IMMEDIATELY to a Government collection point.
Possession after July 1st, 2009 constitutes a FELONY with high fines and incarceration MANDATORY.

Here is your question......

Your AR, AK, FAL, M1A, and other rifles (including your 10/22) are now BANNED and ILLEGAL to POSSESS.
Your 1911 pistol is now ILLEGAL.
AS are ALL of your magazines over 5 rounds.......

With the strokes of a pen, you are now a FELON.


It's done and over with.
You have "sportsmen" who say it doesn't effect them, so they won't lift a finger.
You have others who think it's "not that bad" or that "it will only last til the next election".
Others just don't want to get involved in anything that might harm them or their finances.


Talk about the "OPTIONS" you see for us at this point (after ban).

Grumpy Old Curmudgeon
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"If it becomes necessary to HIDE your firearms, then it is DEFINITELY time to USE them for their intended purpose".

Will you hide from the good fight behind the skirts of your women, or will you stand up like MEN and defend your freedom for your Grandchildren???

While I agree that we don't need to lay out our plans.......

It's good, I think, to at least give "WARNING" that it would not be tolerated.

They tell us all the time that "ignorance of the law is no excuse".
But I think that's low-brow and underhanded.

But if I have TOLD and Warned them, and they do it anyway, then the fallout they get is their own fault and I am blameless.
For they have acted, and I have retaliated, under the guise of "informed consent".
They have chosen to accept my reactions.

I think these posts are a part of our "thinking long and hard on it".

I know I wrestle with it pretty hard myself.

But what it would mean to my kids, their kids, and their kids, FAR outweighs the selfisness of what I think or want for ME.

Selfishness aside..... I think we ALL know what we would have to do.

It would be CW2.

I just hope we find enough folks with some "testicular fortitude" to make a stand that can't be twisted into it being "just a few nuts" or isolated incidents..

Watchin tha world go by
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outright ban would be impossible due to the ex-post-facto clause in constitution.

however all of these i expect to be enacted

ban on any new sales
ammunition restriction
registration -
followed by taxation and licensing
no passing them to your children who are now minors
national elimination of CCW
restricting sales w in say 5 mi of schools parks and such
expansion of criminal convictions restricted from owning or being in home w firearms
restrictions on vehicle transport of weapons
restriction of weapons on "public lands"

what you purchase must not have a paper trail,
what you have must remain unknown to your neighbors

several states have charters with which they entered the union which would probably be violated by these restrictions Montana, as an example.

wonder if they would have room fer us all
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