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For a couple of years now I have been looking at the Just Right Carbine a couple of weeks ago I finally decided to get one. I ordered a JR Generation 2 carbine in 40 S&W setup to except standard Glock magazines.

When I received it last week the first thing I noticed is that the triangular barrel that was on the original JR carbines was gone replaced by standard round barrel. Also different on the barrel was the factory threading of end of the muzzle with a barrel cap. It is already setup to except flash suppressors or muzzle breaks a nice extra. The other nice feature is that the barrel is free floating.

The gun came with a new 10 round magazine and no sites at all. Lucky for me I had a cheap 0 X 30mm TruGlo red dot setting in the gun cabinet. After cleaning and lubing the gun I mounted the red dot and headed for the range.

I placed my first target at 25 yards so I could make sure I was cutting paper before moving it out further. I fired my first 3 shot group from a sandbag rest and went down to inspect the target (since I forgot to bring my spotting scope) and was pleasantly surprised. You could cover that 3 shot group easily with a quarter with room left over.

After some quick adjustments I moved the target to 50 yards. Every 3 shot group fired at this range could be covered with a quarter. Once zeroed at this range I moved the target to 75 yards. Groups at this range opened up to an 1” to 1” ½ but all where all in the 10 ring centered around the bull. Since the range was filling up and I forgot my spotting scope I decided to call it a day.

Overall I was very happy with the JR. The one draw back is that for a carbine it’s a little heavy at about 6.5 lbs.
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