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Never really did much gardening until two years ago. This year I decided to show what I've learned from you guys. Alot of knowledge was attained on here and figured I should show what came out of it.

I have a small area to grow. The backyard consist of about 50 ft wide and 35ft long. Out of this space I get to use 3 ft x 43ft & 9 ft x 25ft. So space is an issue but I make due.

So I built 2 raised beds made out of cedar. Untreated but they are naturally rot resistant. I wanted to do this to add separation to the plot and provide a higher plane, my back hates bending over.

This was done in 2010

garden beds I built

3 blueberries and 1 raspberry

last year was carrots, onions, herbs, garlic.

This year it peppers, lots of peppers and tomatoes :)
I like ceviche and these are the main ingredients.

So the boxes are filled with peppers, one summer squash (big mistake, its like cucumbers, spreads everywhere), one tomato plant (also pushing it, but its a Roma plant so hoping it stays small).

The other box has 2 tomatoes in the back and peppers all throughout, haven't counted yet.

the tomatoes are tied up on the wood thing. this way they don't kill the peppers.

To the left of the boxes are 8 tomato plants. :)
All have the metal cage but to reinforce it (they always fall over) I added some spare wood as a makeshift trellis.

So what else does ceviche need... cilantro.
This is some used spent cilantro

Here's some more coming in:

On the side I grew some more herbs,
Here is a tomato plant, basil, leeks, and an avocado plan growing (far right)

Here is the 3ft by 45 ft section

More peppers and cilantro

Plum tree

Cherry tree

Apple tree

more pics coming later

peppers were started from seed
tomatoes from seed
cilantro from seed
cucumbers from seed
strawberries were bought in 2010 from home depot
blueberries and raspberry bought in 2010
plum tree from stark farm
cherry tree from 2010
summer squash was bought
avocado from seed
potatoes from seed ( ill get pics of this )

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So strawberries are perennial, from those 2 plants around 10 have grown

I am trying to expand the even more

These arms grow and new plants come from them. You can cut them to have better fruit production. Once I let these plants grow all fruit production has ceased. So only one box is for expo, the other is for fruit.

um and yea that's cilantro growing there.

Here is the raspberry bush, a disappointment, nothing has grown from it :(

Blueberries from 2010

Birds have been eating my blueberries, I see them grow but then they are gone. I guess I need to buy some netting.

For some reason my dog will chase off anything that nears except birds, he'll just sit and watch them. He even lets them take his own dog food :upsidedown::rofl:

If you have any questions just ask, I'll try to answer best I can.

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Good job, you should be very proud of yourself. Each year you will learn more and more! Excellent.

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nice job joe.

I quit growing strawberries. Just not worth the effort. I'm limited in space too. I've got a great crop of lettuce but a lot of things haven't done too well so far this year. My potatoes are looking awesome though. I also have fava beans, peas, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, basil, cilantro, green beans, squash, garlic, onions, carrots, flowers, and quite a few weeds growing. :0

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thank for the comments

retex - it may look like its in control but trust me this year is going be nothing but havoc. Ive once again planted way too much in way too little space. I was warned by my family but do i listen...

so to recap I have 2 boxes, 1 tomato plot, and a strip of lettuce, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, cilantro, cabbage, basil.

in one box I have 1 summer squash, 1 tomato roma plant, 10 pepper plants (about 3 different kinds, i lost track of which are which :(

in box 2, 2 tomato plants, 12 pepper plants.

I started thee from seeds, I bought the tray seed starter. it really works well. you place this plastic tray over it and it turns into a mini greenhouse. works great
its this but not so many trays: Burpee 72-Cell Greenhouse Kit - Seed Starting: Patio, Lawn & Garden

my cucumbers started coming in:

cucumbers are invasive, these are strung up along my fence

eggplant buds

So I had a really nice treat this year. Some taters were left in the ground and they started growing again this year. Bad news is that I planted cucumber seeds all around it

well see how that goes

the trick is to train the cucumber vines. They have mini arms that wrap around anything and everything. train it early and it will be easy manage, no guarantees though :)

to the left of the boxes is the tomato plot. 3 plants in the back, 3 in the middle, 3 in front and 2 on the side. they are all planted directly in the ground. Note, I worked the ground with a shovel to put air in and loosen the ground for the plants roots. its worked o far.

I had another great treat, a wild tomato plant. looks like some tomatoes got away from me last year and its seed managed to last the winter...amazing huh.

wild tomato plant

btw I know some things but in no way an expert, if ppl have suggestions I'm all ears.

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