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I went back and it was changed, but this came from ole Joe. Accu Weather is an official global warming site:rolleyes:


I have been working, but with the hurricane situation in the states, which was anticipated for the end of August, so I had little time to post. Now that things are calming down, relatively speaking, I have something to share here.

It was not a balmy, global warming, summer in the northwest or Europe. The warm card being played by forecasters because of the idea that there is global warming is showing the folly of simply believing such things carte blanche. In any case if the tide is turning, as I believe it is, then forecasters who are at least OBJECTIVE about the overall climate pattern have a better chance to shine than those who simply believe that one should bet warm all the time.

So here is an article I found on ICECAP, which unlike the AccuWeather site where we try to be neutral, gathers all the skeptical information (which is why I love it, I am a skeptic and feel we need to have balance to the media, which will blame anything on "climate change") so you can read this. mmer-forecast/

My biggest question...Did Mary Poppins have to leave town early this year?

Ciao for now. ***
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