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There are a lot of threads about one to ten items for people to choose. I figure 13 items might be easier than restricting it to ten or fewer items. Then again, it might be harder… Just curious what your 13 13s will be.

Name 13 of your favorite/would-like-to-have/consider mandatory items in the following 13 categories:

1. Modern Firearms
2. Primitive arms (pre-1800 design)
3. Knives and tools
4. Survival/self-sufficiency books
5. Fiction books
6. Wilderness camping items
7. Bug out items
8. Land vehicles
9. Water vehicles
10. Air vehicles
11. Communications devices
12. Storage foods
13. Financial/monetary investments

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1. Modern firearms:
a. Barrett M82A1 .50 BMG
b. Vigilance VR-1 .338 Lapua
c. M-14/M1A .308
d. G3/PTR-91 .308
e. Auto Ordnance .30 M1 Carbine
f. Para Ordnance P-14 .45 ACP
g. Glock 21SF .45 ACP
h. Beretta Tomcat .32 ACP
i. AA-12 12 gauge FA shotgun
j. Remington 11-87 12 gauge shotgun
k. POF P416-7 PDW
l. Peter Hofer Funfling 12g/12g w/.375 H&H Magnum/.30-‘06/.22 Hornet
m. Custom lever action .350 Remington Magnum Scout Rifle

2. Primitive arms
a. 12 gauge Flintlock shotgun
b. .50 caliber Flintlock rifle
c. .50 caliber Flintlock handgun
d. .32 caliber Flintlock rifle
e. Long bow
f. Lance
g. Crossbow
h. Sling
i. War club
j. Atl-Atl
k. Quarterstaff
l. Blowgun
m. Bolas

3. Knives/Tools
a. Cold Steel Oda
b. Cold Steel Natchez Bowie
c. Cold Steel 24” Latin Machete
d. Cold Steel Rifleman’s Tomahawk
e. Cold Steel Boar spear
f. Cold Steel javelin (Sambura Spear)
g. Cold Steel 1860 heavy cavalry saber
h. Custom Batangas knife (butterfly knife)
i. Leatherman Surge multi-tool
j. Wenger Survivor Swiss Army Knife
k. Ontario Knife OKC-3S bayonet
l. Buck 110 lockblade
m. Set of Cold Steel Dragonfly Japanese style katana/wakazashi/O-tanto

4. Survival/Self-Sufficiency Books
a. SAS Survival Handbook by John (Lofty) Wiseman
b. Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery
c. Outdoor Survival Skills by Larry Dean Olsen
d. Back to Basics by Reader’s Digest
e. Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny
f. Ship’s Medical Chest and Medical Aid at Sea by US Government
g. Machinery’s Handbook by various contributors
h. Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte
i. The Handbook for Practical Farmers
j. Where There Is No Doctor by David Werner
k. Where There Is No Dentist by Murry ****son
l. Magic and Medicine of Plants by Reader’s Digest
m. Backwoods Home magazine

5. Fiction books
a. An Elephant for Aristotle by L. Sprague de Camp
b. Bulldozer by Stephan Meader
c. Have Spacesuit, Will Travel by Robert A. Heinlein
d. Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein
e. A Hero for Henry by Herbert R. Purdum
f. Alas Babylon by Pat Frank
g. Everything else by Robert A. Heinlein
h. Anything by Louis L’Amour
i. Anything by Zane Grey
j. Anything by Edgar Rice Burroughs
k. The “Doc Savage” series
l. The Perry Mason series by Earl Stanley Gardner
m. Anything by Nora Roberts

6. Wilderness camping items
a. Water purifier (Sawyer Point Zero Two 4-liter purification system)
b. Tent (Mountain Hardwear Trango 3.1)
c. Sleeping bag (Slumberjack Sleep System)
d. Sleep pad (Thermarest Luxury)
e. Multi-fuel stove (MSR Dragonfly)
f. Cabela’s Super Magnum dual wheel game cart
g. Cook kit (MSR Alpine Deluxe Stainless Steel cookset)
h. Cold Steel Oda Knife
i. Wenger Survivor SAK
j. Leatherman Surge multi-tool
k. Blastmatch fire starter w/wet fire tinder
l. Petzl Tac-Tikka headlight w/extra batteries
m. 100m 550 cord

7. Bug out items
a. Cabela’s Super Magnum dual wheel game cart
b. Kifaru Marauder back pack
c. FMCO vest/LBE set up for rifle and pistol
d. PTR-91 rifle
e. Glock 21SF pistol
f. Cold Steel Oda Knife
g. Crank flashlight
h. Yaesu VR-500 all mode all band receiver
i. Sawyer Point Zero Two 4-liter water purification system
j. Cold Steel E-tool
k. Dura-worx panting tool (small pick/mattock)
l. Rations for 30 days
m. GI poncho w/Ranger Rick liner

8. Land vehicles
a. ¾ ton 4x4 Chevy Suburban w/diesel
b. 1-ton 4x4 Chevy pickup w/diesel
c. Restored 1976 GMC motorhome
d. Restored 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood Talisman
e. Mercedes Benz G-55 AMG SUV
f. Restored Indian Motorcycle w/side car and reverse gear
g. ROKON Trailbreaker w/diesel conversion
h. 1983 Suzuki GS 850 GL shaft drive motorcycle
i. 2010 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 dual sport motorcycle
j. Bombardier Can-Am Outlander Max ATV
k. Custom 26’ motorhome on GMC Topkick 5500 diesel 4x4 chassis
l. Mercedes Benz Unimog U500 diesel 4x4 truck
m. Hagglund BvS-10 tracked all terrain utility vehicle

9. Water vehicles
a. MacGregor 26 motorsailer
b. Restored MacGregor 65 motorsailer
c. Munson 52’ landing craft
d. Nautica 41’ cabin RIB
e. Sea-Do jet ski
f. Feathercraft folding sea kayak
g. Necky Looksha IV sea kayak
h. Premier Boundary Waters pontoon party boat
i. Thoroughbred 22’x88’ houseboat
j. Prout Quasar 50’ Catamaran yacht
k. US Submarine Discovery 1000 6-place submarine
l. US Submarine Triton 1000 2-place submarine
m. Custom Blohm & Voss 100m Giga yacht

10. Air Vehicles
a. Bombardier 415MP twin engine amphibian utility fixed wing
b. Sikorsky S-76D twin engine utility helicopter
c. Lake Special Edition SeaWolf 290 single engine amphibian utility helicopter
d. Dornier CD-2 Sea Star twin engine amphibian fixed wing
e. Sikorsky S-434 3-place helicopter
f. Learjet 85 bizjet
g. Custom Boeing 747SP
h. Quicksilver MX Sport Ultra-light
i. Sky Yacht hot air blimp
j. Restored DC-3/C-47 cargo fixed wing
k. Riley conversion Cessna 310 Turbo
l. Avid Aircraft Catalina 3-place amphibian fixed wing
m. Air Tractor 802U utility fixed wing

11. Communications devices
a. Uniden Bearcat BCD396XT trunking PS band scanner
b. Dakota Alert M538-BS MURS base radio
c. Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS handheld radio
d. Oregon Scientific NWS EAS SAME receiver
e. Cobra 148GTL SSB/AM CB radio
f. Yaesu VX-8R handheld 6m-70cm amateur transceiver
g. Yaesu VR-5000 all mode/all band monitor receiver
h. Yaesu FT-8900R 10m-70cm Amateur transceiver
i. Yaesu FT-897D all mode/all band Amateur transceiver
j. Yaesu FT-2000 Motorola HT-750 Handheld Low-Band business band radio
k. Motorola CDM-750 Low-Band business band base/mobile radio
l. Sound powered telephone system
m. Heliograph

12. Storage foods
a. Wheat
b. Oats
c. Lentils
d. Rice
e. Great Northern beans
f. Powdered milk
g. Freeze dried meat
h. Freeze dried fruit
i. Salt
j. Sugar
k. Freeze dried eggs
l. Spices/herbs/seasoning/flavorings
m. Seeds

13. Financial/Monetary investments
a. Permanent Portfolio mutual fund
b. US Treasury Bonds
c. US Treasury Money Market Fund
d. High volatility Stock Mutual Fund (Growth Stocks)
e. Deferred annuities
f. Blue Chip Mutual Funds
g. Warrant trading accounts
h. Swiss Bank accounts
i. Income producing real estate (Quadraplexes)
j. Working farms/ranches
k. Gold coins
l. Silver coins
m. Investment grade diamonds

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When i get some time at work tommorow im going to try and make a visual chart of the lists i want to do. Ill get back to ya on this great idea.

(you just love them lists dont cha? ) hehe
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Credit where credit is due.

Jerry is like a god to me. Not my Lord or Savior or anything like that (note the little "g") but still awesome.

I credit Jerry with getting me into survivalism and preparedness through his many works of fiction. His wisdom cannot be condensed into a single book; it would more likely have to be encyclapedic.

He is the Chuck Norris of Survival fiction: There is a prepper fist underneath that beard!

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Re: Credit where credit is due.

Jerry is like a god to me. Not my Lord or Savior or anything like that (note the little "g") but still awesome.

I credit Jerry with getting me into survivalism and preparedness through his many works of fiction. His wisdom cannot be condensed into a single book; it would more likely have to be encyclapedic.

He is the Chuck Norris of Survival fiction: There is a prepper fist underneath that beard!

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SUPER ( fourth ' Ded) This is what happens when you make excellent well written and detailed fiction consistantly , and charge nothing for it!

You are do you say it? .. THE MAN!

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