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I'm continuing to outfit my BOB and I'm deciding what to do about a better shelter. I already have a 2-man, 3 season, free standing Sierra Designs tent but it is part of my lightweight camping gear.

I'm caught between the fact that I don't camp that often (several weekends a year) so the tent does not get much use and the mantra that gear in your BOB should not be gear that is shared with general camping. I have considered the 2 poncho option but have read how they can leak.

I was considering buying a free-standing 1-man shelter for BOB Only duties but keep thinking about this 2-man I already have. I have a 6-man Cabelas Outfitter tent for car camping, so the 2-man is only used when it is a lightweight/backcountry travel excursion.

So what do others do? Do you strictly adhere to the practice that a BOB tent is only for the BOB?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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