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Is the Berkey the best overall nonportable water purifier?

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And, if so, what is the most cost effective reliable place to buy one?
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The Berkey's are considered the best overall gravity fed filters. There are other systems which might be considered superior, but cost prohibitive and extremely space intensive in comparison. Berkey's just have the right mix of the best positives with the least negatives. I highly recommend the stainless steel over the Berkey Light (plastic). Take your choice of capacity. Start with 2 black filters if cost is too much, and later upgrade to 4 black filters. Don't get the ceramic filters...

I would also recommend getting the optional bottom filters, which filter out flouride, chlorine, and arsenic, amongst other bad stuff. They will run you an extra $65. You can also get the same filter media in a shower outlet filter to cut out the same bad stuff.

How much is clean water worth to you?
So is a berky still the way to go? just make sure I get the bottom filters or the black filters? I don't really care how big or portable it is, i just want something that will be able to provide 1000's of gallons of drinking water :(
Yes, the Berkey is still the way to go.

For clarification, there are 3 types of filters for the Berkey. The top half uses either the BLACK filters or the white ceramic filters. The black are superior and cost a bit more. The white ceramic are 'acceptable'. The third type is a totally different filter which sits in the lower portion of the Berkey and will screw onto the threading of the top filter. This type is the anti-flouride filter. They run about $65 for a pair. They are not mandatory, but are optional. Personally, removal of flouride, arsenic, and chlorine are mandatory for me, so I have them installed. A shower filter with the same material is also sold separately.

You can purchase a Berkey with 2 top filters and later install 2 more for 4 total if you need to save a few dollars. The only difference this will make is a slower time to filter all the water with half the filter media capacity and a "shorter" lifespan of the filters because there are only two of them.

If your concerns are greater than the capability of a single or dual stage filtration system, then you might need to examine different or additional filtration techniques. For example, dehumidifiers pull moisture from the air and condense it into water. These will work for you but require electricity and can get mold growth fairly easily if not maintained regularly. You can also look into those vortex generators and some additives that counteract specific toxins if you have high concentrations of them.
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