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Go onto
Look for the downloads by this guy....

These are the links to all his posts.
There are dozens and dozens of books and vids available.
They are all completely relevant to what we need.
It doesn't matter anymore regarding the method you get these now--time is too short.
I suggest you get everything you can.

You will need to download the "bitorrents" filesharing program first (free).
Then you should download the info onto a laptop from a wireless hotspot.
Do not download to your own IP address (stay invisible).
When you are done downloading erase the bitorrents program.
Do not let this program operate from your own IP address (you are also a program seeder with it and IP address is revealed).
If you have to use your laptop from home--turn off the wireless or disconnect it from the internet jack.

Repeat the process of reinstalling bitorrents if you find something new to download.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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