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Internet site for legit mil IFAK?

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Hello guys, new to the board. I live in Houston, and during/after IKE I realized how unprepared I was in every way possible. I guess I just thought current food, a case of water, and my car keys would do me. Boy was I wrong. Been reading up on first aid kits, and have been wanting one for my car and home for a long time just never bothered. I saw many posts already here and like the USMC IFAK due to the trauma kit and the fact that its all inclusive in one bag. Anyone have a link where I can buy one (a legit one, or at least just as good with the same stuff) online? Thanks.
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Hey bud,
You can get those IFAKS on ebay thats about it. As far as I know the ones on ebay are stolen. There not available on the civy market yet. Ive seen em going for about 35-50$ on ebay. If you have moral issues buying somthing stolen just buy a 15$ military first aid kit from cheaper than dirt and add a couple packets of quick-clot to it. "Same this as ours" just toss it in a molle pouch.

Hope I helped:thumb:
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