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Infant Formula Recall

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Abbott Labs is recalling batch lots of powdered Similac formula. Insects (tiny beetles) have been found contaminating the powder. Liquid ready-to-use and concentrates aren't on the recall at this time. This has had some parents in the ER with their babies. The products listed in the recall are also sold in other countries, so please check yours if you use the powder.

I couldn't get any of the recall web links to work, because the sites are swamped, but they also have a toll free number set up, I pulled it from one of the bigger articles: (800) 986-8850

If someone finds a working alternate link for this recall, please post it! This is not a scare, the info is all over the web and radio news today. This is going to be an extra pain for folks who keep a stock of extra formula powder and will need the batch info from the recall to check against what they've purchased this year.
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The recall link is working now.
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