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This Mora's called a "Craftline Q Allround". Mora names make little to no sense anymore, so you can feel free to forget this one, too. It's a 511. That's the part to remember. It's the classic 510 with the little finger guard added. It's a red handle so it's carbon steel.

The old 510 was perhaps the most handy, useful Mora ever made. A lot of older users are cutting the guard off these to make them back into a discontinued 510.

It's a hair over 1/16" thick (that's 2mm for you Euro folks), 3 5/8" long (96mm). Carbon steel, as mentioned, so keep it clean and lightly oiled.

It usually runs $8-9 with free shipping from a lot of Ebay dealers. It's probably the lowest priced Mora you'll find. For that reason, it's also popular with the knife-making crowd. Buy this one, slice the handle off, and epoxy it into a good stag spike or wood grip. It's a cheap way of getting Mora blades to rehandle. This one ran me $4.
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