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Looking for a place to purchase bulk ammunition for .30-30 and 20 gauge. Would prefer something of decent quality and modern with non-corrosive propellant. 20 gauge looking for buckshot or slugs for smoothbore. Saboted slug would be ok too, I have a rifled barrel too. 10 packs of birdshot do me fine. A reputable reloader outfit would be fine.

So far buckshot and smoothbore slugs are best 1-1.25 each.
Remmington cor-lokt 150gr on sale is about 60 cents each.

As far as accuracy over quantity, which would you prefer? Asuuming misfires and frequent fliers don't happen. All rifles like particular ammunution, sometime they like a cheap ones sometimes not. I am doing well with 150gr cor-lokts though. Is 5" inches moa at 100 yards to excessive? For hunting the 150gr cor-lokts and hornady leverution is giving me 1 1/2" or less at 100 in a new 336a marlin.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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