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Indoor lighting when there is no Electricity

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Like many here I have oil lamps, candles but I have recently changed my focus in this area to those solar powered lawn landscaping lights. I bought a dozen of those cheap $5 ones at homedepot.

I am trying to find a way of making them slighty brighter, I switched out their cheap Chinese batteries with some quality lithium rechargable batteries. We put 5 of them across the fireplace mantle with a mirror behind them and they lit the room pretty good but I wonder if there is anything else I can do

Is anyone doing this and have any ideas or any thoughts on this?

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I have put back hundreds upon hundreds of candles, and several kerosene lamps, along with roughly a dozen extra wicks each, and a few extra globes. Also have lots and lots of kerosene.

The only way to make those garden lights better, besides the better batteries, would be to completely rework them, well actually just rob parts from them and build something new and better. I may have to fiddle with it and maybe I can come up with a short instructional thread and parts list. Stay tuned.

Basically you will need to replace the LED's with a better, brighter ones. Doing this will shorten battery life. The only real cure for that, since you've already replaced the batteries with better ones, is to add to the battery bank, now you probably won't have room to add batteries, so you will need to gut the original light and reassemble into another container, such as a hobby box from radio shack, along with a battery holder to simplify wiring in the extra batteries. Just interrupt the circuit on one side of the original battery bank and add in the new one by taking the negative wire to the old batteries off and hooking to the new battery carriers negative post, then run a wire from the new batteries positive to the old batteries negative.

Now it is possible that the existing photocell will be insufficient to charge all the batteries sufficiently, so you may need to rob another photocell from another light and add it in, in the same fashion as the batteries.

While you're at it, add in a switch so you can turn the light on and off.
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