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While I am a renter I always try to have some sort of garden every year.
Where I rent now my landlord will not allow me to dig up the lawn to put in a garden.
The landlord actually pays someone to cut the lawn every week. What a waste.

Anyway, I am forced to resort to planting everything in pots.
The rest of the vegetables we store up for winter will come from our local farmers market.
Though this isn't the perfect solution, it will still help out some and we enjoy the activity of gardening as well as supporting the local farmers.

But this issue started me to thinking. For those of us in colder climates what can we grow indoors (greenhouse or windowsill) that doesn't require pollination for at least one crop?

So here's my list so far:

From seed:

From a root bulb or seed:
potato (DON'T eat the greens)
sweet potato (eat the greens too)

Keeping in mind that though you can grow potatoes, carrots, and other root crops indoors they can be stored so easily in your basement all year that it might not be practical.

Please add to the list with your ideas as well.
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