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Government has become too big to succeed. Everything it does pertains to:

1. Creating make-work jobs to reward minorities, political supporters, contributors or some other form of pay-to-play.

2. Hyper focus on the inputs --- stakeholders, contractors, suppliers and government employees rather than the output... their alleged "product" or service.

3. The well being of public sector unions which are actually an arm of the Democratic Party. Unions extort wages and benefits and enjoy a competition free work environment where nobody is held accountable and nothing happens when things go wrong or don't get done... Like the Obamacare roll-out.

4. Choosing winners and losers through things like affirmative action hiring, quotas, taxes and regulations that favor one constituency over another. Much of government today is dedicated to managing "fairness" and redistributing income to reward politically favored parties/people/firms. Thousands of pages of regulations are in place to encourage things that government wants like Ethanol while discouraging things it does not like coal.

5. Justifying why government must be made bigger, must spend all of its allocated resources and more, and must kill millions of trees publishing econometric data, studies, and other useless reports that virtually nobody reads.

In short, government IS crowding out the private sector and creating an environment where everybody either works for the government or depends on it. The only solution, which I hope Trump comes to is to eliminate MOST of the government and then outsource the parts that we actually need to the private sector. Government employees should be a very small number of managers who oversee private contracts and work forces. Public sector unions need to be disbanded. Let me know when you hear a politician say anything like that... cutting government is the third rail of politics. :thumb:
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