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You've got 11 kids sarge912! Sunuvagun! I don't know whether to envy you or call you crazier than a bed bug.

Anyways, I've used ranger rubberbands on pistol grips before and a couple of things about them are:

1) They'll deteriorate over time, start cracking and turning powdery, and eventually this black stuff will rub off on your hands and your pistol.
2) I can see the potential for them getting kind of slick with certain stuff. The only reason I mention that is because I actually had tried some on an old hunting knife one time and I quickly found that blood tissue make them slick whereas sweat and water did not - don't ask me why.

We go through a lot of ranger rubberbands around here and have for decades. (Bike innertubes cut into rubberband sized pieces). They are good for a lot of things, no doubt about it, but I gotta agree with letsgetreal on this one (not necessarily his delivery mind you), about the potential for them being slick on a pistol grip. You may want to see how slick it is when you put jelly or something on it .... definitely different than water or sweat friend. :)

11 kids! Holy cow!
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