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I'm not getting the vaccine because

1. I don't qualify for it at the moment. I'm not old enough or ill enough, and I don't work in any at-risk profession.

2. I had WuFlu last April, and it wasn't that terrible for me. (It nearly killed my elderly cat, though.) My immune system already recognizes it well enough to successfully fight it.

3. I have allergies due to an overactive immune system that treats EVERYTHING as an invader to be fought. Cytokine storm? Yeah, been there, done that. Don't need to trigger it anymore, thank you.

4. I take Ivermectin, plus daily vitamins, minerals, and supplements that help me stay healthy.

5. I'm able to stay at home and limit my exposure. From what I understand, quarantine is more effective for avoiding exposure than any treatment or vaccine currently available.

There are probably a couple more reasons I could dredge up, but these are good for starters.

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I'm not getting the COVID vaccine because...

1. I don't want to be part of an ongoing animal trial for an (otherwise) untested experimental biological agent.
2. I don't wish to be tracked and cataloged by the Gov and Big Pharma.
3. I don't wish to have my genes edited.
4. I don't want to have a cytokine storm kill me when I come into contact with the virus in the wild.
5. I don't want partial paralysis, Bell's Palsy, and/or brain inflammation.
6. I don't want anaphylaxis caused by the injecting of PEGylated lipid nanoparticles.
7. I don't want any Free mRNA driven chronic long term inflammatory diseases.
8. I don't want a Spontaneous Cardiovascular Event.
9. I don't want to be infertile. Additionally, if I was a pregnant female I wouldn't want to lose my baby.
10. I won't take a product that in it's first 60 days has resulted in 500 deaths and 10,000 people maimed.
11. I won't take a product that is advertised to not work, for their intended purposes, by the manufacturers and distributors.
12. I prefer to take my chances with Mother Nature.
13. Should I get sick I'll use the more logical, and less evasive, treatments available currently.
14. I need the ability to hold the manufacturers and distributors accountable for damages.
15. I have a functioning brain.

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Not on my Radar even though I have been contacted by the VA that I qualify. Neither is my Wife and 16 year old son getting any of the BS injection.
I have been telling everyone at work since I have to travel quite a bit domestically I will not be getting the Shot to fly. I will drive there. Enough of Big Brother and the Tyrants trying to control my life.
Also for everything Mere_Man listed as an addition to my core beliefs

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Not getting it. Maybe someday when it has two things going for it:

1- it’s actually proven to effective against most Covid versions.

2- it doesn’t have side effects that make otherwise healthy people take two to three days off because they are too miserable to come to work. Yes, I know guys that had to do that.

Absolutely would not allow a daughter to get it. Sterilization as a possible side effect for females? Ridiculous. Criminal.

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This thread is for discussion by the folks who ARE NOT getting the vaccine..
Good Sir OP - I might suggest making a small 'mod' to the thread Title, to make it clearer this is for the 'C-19 vaccine'.. Something like that, or 'Covid vaccine' or.... 'CCP Devil Juice' 😀 etc - Just thinking that, while 'We all' (responders, thus-far) know 'what you're talking about', perhaps in 6 months (..ya know, when the CCP cooks up / releases the Next bug / Big Harma miraculously comes up with another in record-time.. :rolleyes: ) or a year, whatever... Peeps coming to this thread for the first time might be like 'Huh??' or think it's the mosh-pit for All Vaccines in general, etc..

..No biggie, just a thought.. :cool:


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Nope. There will be an unending list of variants on this disease emerging. ANd the vax is only good for a short time anyway.
Weigh that against all the people being killed or turned into half dead twitching zombies and I will pass thank you.

Also, Ivermectin appears to be a safe and effective preventative and cure for all the coronaviruses.

They have set up the system where they are not liable from any harm they do to you, and they censor any reports of negative reactions.
Not only no, but hell no.

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I do not get the flu vaccine, Pneumonia vaccine, or the Shingles vaccine, so I am not getting this one, either. I have a very strong immune system (Had the flu once, in 1979 - caught while in the hospital with a broken leg) and there are way too many questions and legit concerns around the flu vaccine, and this is 1000x worse.
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