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I'll be Calaf here

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I have an idea about matches. Everybody always talks about dipping in wax or bags or making containers, but why not just tape?

Get a few strike-anywhere match boxes and use masking tape to cover the box completely, making it water proof. A good tape would make a box you could take to the bottom of a river and still cut it open to find dry matches.

It would work with regular strike on box matches if you take a pieces of paper and cover the box before using the tape. That way the tape doesn't destroy the strike-strip.

Anyway, I think we're getting to a point where we're going to be seeing hard decisions made. In other words, DOOM cometh. :)
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Welcome from KS.

They also make match safes that do pretty much the same thing (I have an orange waterproof one with a built in SS striker), though as a DIY project your idea sounds interesting.
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