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I'm looking into getting my ILBE set up for a good camping trip (up to 1 week) and as a possible B.o.B. I was wondering what kind of gear would be most useful to me in such a situation.

I've got:
trowel, roll of TP
hiking boots and 2 pair wool socks
3 changes of shorts/shirts for hiking
Mil-Spec sleep system
3L hydration bladder
Assault Pack and ILBE pack
toothbrush/toothpase, face cleaning wipes, comb

I'm looking into getting:
-woobie blanket
-marine tent (or Moss Stardome 2?)
-65L dry bag to compress the sleep system and spare clothes and keep dry

I'm looking to be able to take care of myself for an entire week without relying on anyone, so I want to make sure I'm safe, prepared, and comfortable.

Some other items I was looking to get:
-camp towel
-some kind of mess kit and utensils
-a way to start a fire (camp matches? auto-lighter? fire steel?)
-some kind of portable stove to make coffee, cook oatmeal, etc. and fuel
-paracord (everyone says have it, but I'm not 100% clear on what to do with it)

I know I might be missing quite a bit, but that's where I was hoping to get some help. I would like to know what the Army/Marines pack out in their bags as far as gear, and what most campers find most helpful to have along to last a week, maybe 2 in the woods. Thank you in advance.

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Good choice by getting an ILBE. I use a Large ALICE Pack right now but will soon get a Current Army Issue Molly 2 Rucksack. If I find a good priced ILBE before I find a Molly 2 I may get it.

What you need in your bag is up to you. I can not tell you what you may need.

My pack has everything from Base Layers to Conibear Traps and fishing Yo-Yo's to Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter's.

Here is a video that can show you some ideas.

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I would suggest a tarp or poncho (use with that paracord for variety of shelter options), cutting tools (knife and/or small hatchet/axe), and water filtration/purification items (filter, purification tabs).
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