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What's the difference between a pistol and a surface-to-air missile? None, at least if you're a member of the mainstream media. CNN's Jeffrey Toobin was recently on PBS, and made the ludicrous claim that the Heller decision somehow has something to do with tanks and SAMs. Toobin went on to say that gun control wasn't an issue for voters this year, because "swing voters don't care about it".

As the Media Research Center's Tim Graham points out, maybe it had less to do with the feelings of the electorate and more to do with the feelings of reporters. After all, we know they never bothered to ask Barack Obama and John McCain about the Second Amendment, and not one question about the Second Amendment or the Heller decision was asked during any of the presidential (or vice presidential) debates.

As the increase in gun sales demonstrates, there are millions of Americans who care about their firearm freedom, even if the talking heads at CNN and PBS ignore the issue.

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