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If you are a WWII history nut...

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You can go here and listen to the real radio broadcast from the war. I have spent hours listening and then I downloaded them to have on file...

Just thought I would share the link...
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Its amazing the difference between 1944 radio and 2011 porn,gay,anti-American,anti-white man,peace through compromise,bs,lady gag me with a spoon radio.

Thanks for the link!!!
I just hate that porn, especially the kind where the girl is all oiled up or with a skimpy little school girl outfit, and then the black girl comes in, with no white male actor in sight! Then the two lesbian gays start to fight over who goes first, but then compromise into a 69 position with cameras at both ends. Yes, this type of thing makes me want to just explode!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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