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Just an average man that is a strong prepper and one that believes in staying alive.
Strong 2nd amendment supporter, and pro life, pro constitution, pro american, pro conservative, pro 1st amendment, to name just a few things.

i am death on pedo's, and murderes.... I support the death penalty fully for certain crimes.

retired US Army... EOD specialist, Airborne, 30 years active duty.

Self employed now, have my own businesses, and a bail bonds retrieval agent (commonly called bounty hunters).

Father of twin sons... both doctors in the Army... presently in Afghanistan and Iraq.
6 grand children..... most precious to me.

Divorced..... and actually debt free (never ever thought I would be able to say that)

I love riding and training horses, restoring old cars, hunting, fishing, and anything outdoors, also love the hell out of rifle marksmanship and to be honest about it.... a full fledged militia member, oath keeper, and a libertarian. I forgot to mention that i work with abused horses.. usually 12 at a time per year, retrain them, get them to accept people again, and I do everything in a native american training manner. It all starts with the hands after all.... Horses are my passion.

That is a little about me... after awhile you may love me or hate me... time will tell on that aspect of it. ANyways looking forwards to learning and writiing to all of you. :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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