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I think I Made a Mistake With The 2018 Garden

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Several years ago I had a bonfire in the field behind my house. We talked about this in the transplanting pepper plants thread.

I found out if there is too much potash (potassium) in the soil, the potash will prevent the uptake of nitrogen to the plant. To counter this, use a high nitrogen fertilizer which makes the soil more acidic.

Just about everything I planted in this patch of soil has not grown.

Potatoes - rotted in the ground

Purple hull peas - dd not come up.

Snap beans - did not come up.

Pepper plants - most died and others are not growing.

I am going to move over and replant everything in an area not affected by the bonfire.

For 2019, I am thinking about planting the area with corn, and using a very high nitrogen fertilizer. The high nitrogen should turn the soil slightly acidic.
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