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I know the WATER threads are too many, but..

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I was getting work done on wifes car and at the store they had a National Geograpgic magazine and the title was something like "Our need for water" or something along those lines. If anyone on here has the magazine maybe they can be more specific.

So, there was a page and it explained that now in Africa they are taking water from well or puddle etc and putting in a clear water bottle (like aquafina etc) and putting them on sheets of tin that are in direct sunlight for 6 hours and it kills the bacteria and viruses using the suns UV.

Thought some of yall might like to know there is yet another alternative to making safe water.
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(QUOTE) "I know the WATER threads are too many, but.. "

Actually, I think that we don't discuss water ENOUGH !!! It is widely acknowledged as the #1 survival need,(mostly, that is) yet, threads on this subject are dwarfed by guns-N-ammo threads.
I started with a $65 MSR ceramic-pump filter from Sportsmansguide,then got a Katadyn Camp Filter, and finally bit the bullet and got a Big Berkey ( which we now use daily filtering county water). I got two extra black filters when I bought it, but have since gotten several extra ceramic filters, because I'm trying to prepare to make filters for un-prepped family from 5-gallon buckets, if necessary.
Remeber,folks,NOTHING is as critical as water !! If you can't swing the bucks for the whole Berkey shebang, you can get a pair of 7" ceramic filters from Berkey Guy for under $60, delivered !!! ( He's a forum member )These come with the necessary washer and nut, and along with a plastic bucket, you can build a top quality unit that will filter several thousand gallons.
As easy and cheap as this is, there is no excuse for leaving this base uncovered.:thumb:
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