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I know the WATER threads are too many, but..

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I was getting work done on wifes car and at the store they had a National Geograpgic magazine and the title was something like "Our need for water" or something along those lines. If anyone on here has the magazine maybe they can be more specific.

So, there was a page and it explained that now in Africa they are taking water from well or puddle etc and putting in a clear water bottle (like aquafina etc) and putting them on sheets of tin that are in direct sunlight for 6 hours and it kills the bacteria and viruses using the suns UV.

Thought some of yall might like to know there is yet another alternative to making safe water.
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The ignorance of the general public about plastics and their unending fear of some nebulous "toxins" or "chemicals" is almost more than can be tolerated.

To sum it up, don't worry one moment about drinking/eating from plastics that were DESIGNED to be used for eating/drinking. The Watermelon environmentalist movement (green on the outside, communist Red in the middle) wants to stop you from purchasing bottled water and have spent inordinate amounts of effort to frighten you about "toxins".

Read Dr. Brain Dunning's Skeptoid, Number 60 on Plastic Water Bottles. :D:

Or Listen to his fantastic PodCast on the subject :thumb:
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I too would worry about some sort of reaction due to the uv and/or heat between the plastic and the water...
OK, perhaps I can help dispel these fears. What "reaction" are you concerned about with the polymers? :confused:

What do you not understand about plastic (it is a significant subject so without to many cross-links and side chains, I will de-polymerize it for this level of discussion ;) ...a little chemical humor there... very little.)

Seriously though, what is keeping people up at night about some mystical, toxic, corporate-hate-energy, affect of plastics?
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