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I got my first Nepalese kukri

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Hello just wanted everyone to know I just recieved my first Nepalese kukri from kukri house. It is a nice blade it does have a couple of cosmetic flaws but I am happy. I bought this one to be a beater/hard user anyway. I know they have other companies and I think I will try one of the others when I get my next one to hang over my fireplace. This one however is perdect fit for my back pack and just gives me a good feeling to handle it.

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loki I have one similar looking to yours (blade not handle)|5c4548 the blade to me feels a little narrow for chopping then that could just be because mines a shorter blade also. Ive used it for cutting down small trees and splitting its up to the job but not as easy to use as an axe. Would be interested in a full review once youve put it through its paces.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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