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I got my first Nepalese kukri

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Hello just wanted everyone to know I just recieved my first Nepalese kukri from kukri house. It is a nice blade it does have a couple of cosmetic flaws but I am happy. I bought this one to be a beater/hard user anyway. I know they have other companies and I think I will try one of the others when I get my next one to hang over my fireplace. This one however is perdect fit for my back pack and just gives me a good feeling to handle it.

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I've had a difficult time trying to justify one. BK2 for the knife part, Fiskars small axe for the axe part. No spot in my BOB for such a weapon. What made the choice for you, and how is it working for you over a traditional knife/axe combo?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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