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I don't want Poop in my house!!

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There is a thread about how long the water will flow out of the faucets after SHTF. Someone said something about only a matter of time when the electricity stops that we may start seeing the sewage back-up thru the shower, toilet etc..How does one stop this? What can you put over the shower drain or toilet. I don't want poop in my house. That is one stinky mess I dont want to clean up. Is there anything I can prepare right now to put over the drain? Im thinking maybe a 5 gallon bucket filled with cement to sit over the drain. But what about the toilet? Kitchen drains? Help:eek:
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I'm bumping this thread to confirm what others have said. I live in the city on a small lake in the lowest part of my neighborhood. I called my local utility office and spoke with the supervisor of the sewer dept. and he confirmed that based on my location it would be very prudent to get a backflow preventer on my sewer line. Nice guy who understood that I was worried about a SHTF scenerio and admitted that it could be problem for me rather quickly if power was knocked out to the city sewer pumps.

Going to get to work on that in a few weeks.
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