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I don't want Poop in my house!!

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There is a thread about how long the water will flow out of the faucets after SHTF. Someone said something about only a matter of time when the electricity stops that we may start seeing the sewage back-up thru the shower, toilet etc..How does one stop this? What can you put over the shower drain or toilet. I don't want poop in my house. That is one stinky mess I dont want to clean up. Is there anything I can prepare right now to put over the drain? Im thinking maybe a 5 gallon bucket filled with cement to sit over the drain. But what about the toilet? Kitchen drains? Help:eek:
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Turn your water off, get a solar shower and a poncho and shower outside between some trees, gather your water from local streams and ponds and purify them over your George Foreman grill, and finally, poop in your ever growing collection of walmart bags.
One might consider, in all seriousness, other methods of doing the deed when it comes to "potty time". I was partially kidding about my last post and going in walmart bags but if you can shut your sewage valve off, where else ya gonna go? After a while your favorite tree will become a mine field and if opsec is key, then digging cat holes are the only other valid option, but even then, after a while, you can run out of places, especially if you have a family with toddlers or post toddlers who insist on mommy or daddy going with them. This will become tedious and eventually you will get lazy about it and find a faster method of doing the deed. So finding other methods like a camp comode or similar items might be an idea, then you can use those walmart bags I keep mentioning.

TMI but I was put into a situation where I had to think fast for the deed had to be done, and done right now. No portolets were abound around the tarmac of Anderson AFB in Guam. Having just got done doing my stik's static drop from a C130 I worked my way back to the transport bus, luckily no one was there for I had to go immediately. I go around the other side of the bus only to find myself looking at video cameras and lots of razor wire, so I had no choice. I entered the bus.

Turns out I had to go inside of an empty MRE bag on the back of a bus, next to a highly resticted area in Guam.

PS I highly suggest Wet Willies and Tahiti Ramas surf side bars if one is ever in Guam.
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