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Welcome from Southern Illinois. A place ruled by lunatic dictators running the state from Chicagostan.

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Welcome to here Cabbagepatchhands, we're glad you have joined us. With a name like that, I suspect that we have something in common: gardening!

I hope you will enjoy this place as much as we do! There’s something for almost everyone who is interested in self-reliance, survival, and disaster preparedness.

Here is a handy "Cheat Sheet" to help make your stay here more enjoyable and productive.

Many useful links are found here and there on the site, but here are the most important ones right here at your fingertips:

The house rules:

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Just type in the term into your favorite search engine, followed by the word(s) or phrase of your choice, and bingo! There they are.

Sometimes when old threads are dug up and commented on, fresh eyes get to see them and sometimes new thoughts or personal experiences, or additional cited research/news articles get thrown in.

Or, you may prefer just to start a new thread. Either way works.

Jump in! We are looking forward to your posts!
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